How to Prepare for a Wash

Remove larger personal belongings and excessive trash from your vehicle to allow thorough vacuuming.
Park in an open area, away from other vehicles, off the street, in the shade if possible.

*Our standard service typically takes 40-55 minutes per vehicle and our arrival window falls within a range of plus or minus 25 minutes from the scheduled appointment time. Our technicians are not permitted to move vehicles and if vehicle is located in a parking structure please verify with the building management, mobile car wash services are permitted.

Look Familiar?

Does your vehicles look like these examples and need a little extra love? These are situations we classify as “extra dirty” and may require an upgrade to our detailing service for a thorough clean.

If you’re unsure, consider asking: Do you have a dog? Do you go to the beach often? Do your seats have stains? Has it been over a year since your vehicle was last cleaned?

Our technicians identify extra dirty vehicles based on cleaning time, and if a vehicle takes more than 55 minutes to clean, we consider it extra dirty and might not be able to achieve a full cleaning.

If this sounds like your situation and you realize your vehicle needs a deeper clean, take a look at our detailing services.


If you have already ordered a wash and realize you need to modify or cancel please notify us.

*To order detailing services, please contact customer service. Our appointments are consecutively scheduled, and we strive to maintain this schedule to respect other customers’ time. This is why we can’t promise to spend more than 55 minutes per vehicle if we aren’t informed ahead of time. If we arrive for your appointment without prior notice, we’ll do our best to work within the allotted time, but there’s no assurance that we can accommodate sudden changes or upgrades if the vehicle requires more than 55 minutes.

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